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The star of the Mexican regional Christian Nodal sent a message to those who criticize his courtship with the singer and model Belinda. This after a few weeks ago, the interpreter assured that the happiness of their relationship has cost him the inspiration to write “hurt” songs.

From his Twitter account, the singer of Bottle after Bottle asked his followers to stop wishing that their relationship would end so that he can return to compose heartbreak hits, such as the famous singles Goodbye love and They did not tell you badly.

“Stop wishing me to finish to get songs of heartbreak. If they walk crying and crying with the little rolls that I do without being hurt ”, said the vocal, who asked his fans to support the relationship to avoid a broken heart: “Better pray for his good so that it never happens and nobody kills me.”

CAPTURE: Twitter / @ elnodal

And is that the singer originally from Caborca, in Sonora, is extremely happy after He returned to Spain to meet his girlfriend after a short vacation to Mexico, to visit her mother as part of the Mother’s Day celebrations.

Yesterday, Christian published a small video of the tender reunion and showed how much he loves his beloved girlfriend: “You are my home. I love you and I missed you like crazy”Wrote the 22-year-old to accompany the video in which the La Voz Senior coach is seen falling asleep in the singer’s arms.

This moment represented a great relief for Nodal, who a few days ago expressed that the separation from his partner had caused havoc in his sleep cycle, causing severe insomnia that deprived him of sleep for more than 100 hours.Play

“From 120 hours I think I could only sleep 18 hours … you bastard”, he wrote a few days ago on his Twitter account. This provoked doubts among his followers and before his comments, Nodal preferred to explain why he slept so few hours in about five days.

“I was used to not sleeping because of work but now it is dependency, if I do not sleep with my partner, anxiety does not leave me alone, and the ugly things that go hand in hand“Concluded the singer, who received different advice from his fans, ranging from tea to prayer.

With this show of genuine affection, the couple quelled rumors that the relationship had come to an end. However, Nodal has expressed on more than one occasion the damage that the relationship with Belinda has left him and that has earned him criticism from fans.With this tweet, the singer from Sonora asked his fans for help to be able to write (Capture: Twitter)With this tweet, the singer from Sonora asked his fans for help to be able to write (Capture: Twitter)

An example of this is a Tweet he wrote in mid-April in which he stated that he could no longer compose “hurt” songs: “I had never struggled so much to compose hurt. Tell me your stories to see if something comes out“, Asked the ranchera singer to his fans.

At the request, the followers helped the singer and began to tell him their stories of heartbreak to help the composition of Christian’s new album and even received one or another joke from Internet users: “Carnal, with me you write a complete album”Said one user.

After the participation of his followers, the singer thanked days later on his Instagram account with a photograph in which he recalled that thanks to them, the new record material on which he was working.

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