Christian Nodal Down here, theme with which they broke his heart they affirm | Instagram

Singer Christian Nodal shared his new song « Aqui Abajo », and in an interview with I am Grupero He said he was tired of having his heart broken, it could be the same woman who caused this in the artist, but who is it?

According to the portal there is the possibility that it is a woman however the singer did not specify who it could be but they have some suspicions.

One of the secrets of the singer-songwriters is that they write their songs thanks to the personal experiences that they live according to their lives, among them they can be things sad or very happy.

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Speculation about a woman who has broken the singer’s heart is based on her new single. « Down here ».

This song that talks about heartbreak was released on July 9, is part of his new album AYAYAY, on YouTube it already has almost six million views.

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« Everyone talks, no one knows the truth. People think from their position. Outside is different, they will see how ugly they feel.

Surely more than one will feel identified with the lyrics and others will be curious to know who the woman was that caused Nodal to be « down ».

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According to the portal I am Grupero, two loves have been known to the interpreter of « One night », they claim that his first girlfriend was Estibaliz Badiola and later at the end of their relationship another one began with the beautiful blonde María Fernanda Guzmán.

With his first girlfriend he lasted a year, however it seems that the love ended, but later he came again with María Fernanda with whom he walked Little time Well, last year he confirmed again that he was single.

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During his interview, he stated that it had been a woman who had made him suffer on several occasions, but he did not share names like a gentleman.

“It was the same several times, hahaha. Yes, before I had to live the experiences to be honest in my lyrics in my melodies, in everything, and something very genuine and very fast came out, that is, a song like « Probably », it has been the song that probably took me the longest in composing because I really liked that one and I wanted that song to end strongly, he said.

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