Christian Nodal and his extravagant gold teeth | Instagram

The interpreter of « Ay Mi Chula » Christian Nodal is a fervent admirer of gold jewelery, a video has recently been circulating on the internet in a gold teeth which he ordered to be done.

Nodal has quickly become one of the favorite singers of the regional mexican genre, all this thanks to his authentic style to interpret mariachi melodies and above all his charisma.

Although his rise was not overnight since he was catapulted into stardom with his song. « Goodbye Love », its success has not stopped.

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Today we can enjoy your presence in the program Mexico’s voice As one of the coaches, this is his first participation, let’s hope his team is one of the best.

It was not expected that fame and fortune adorned the life of Christian NodalThanks to this, like any other celebrity, he can give himself certain luxuries that years ago perhaps he only dreamed of having, today for him it is not difficult to acquire real estate, designer clothes and fine jewelry.

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And speaking of fine jewelry, it seems that the singer has made a particular taste of jewelry because it is not enough for him just chains, bracelets and rings but he has also decided to wear them even in his teeth.

The interesting thing is that this is not the first time that Nodal invests In this type of work, he also acquired one of white gold and diamonds, but there were only 4, two teeth on top and two on the bottom.

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This new work that according to the Debate was done by Braggao They are two pieces, at the top you can see not only the dental pieces, these have a job done with great delicacy because it carries several elements in each of the teeth.

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First you can see a C that is the one with which his name begins, followed by a cross, a cow’s head, a horseshoe, a boot and at the end an N, at the bottom his last name Nodal was written, one letter per tooth with big details in typography very old western style.

Although the price of this work is not known, it was certainly not cheap, but it is something that perhaps the singer you don’t care since that luxury and others can be given.

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