Christian Nodal and Belinda have a romantic reunion

It was a few days ago when the couple had to separate for family reasons, as the singer traveled to Mexico on Mother’s Day, to celebrate his mother. Nevertheless, Nodal, 22, made it clear on Twitter that he missed his girlfriend and that he could not sleep without her.

“I was used to not sleeping because of work but now it’s dependency, if I don’t sleep with my partner, anxiety doesn’t leave me alone, and the ugly things that go hand in hand,” he said. Christian some days ago.

Belinda and Christian Nodal. (Instagram / Christian Nodal.)

Now the calm has returned because in the words of the interpreter of “Bottle after bottle”, he returned to his ‘home’, when he met the woman he loves.

“You are my home. I love you and I missed you like crazy, “wrote the young man to accompany the video in which the coach of La voz senior is seen sleeping in the arms of her beau.

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