Christian Gálvez, the face of Pasapalabra for 14 of the 19 years that the contest has been held on Spanish television, will not be in the new edition prepared by Antena 3. Mediaset has announced that the presenter will stay at the house, where he currently presents a Save Me question-and-answer section for Pasapalabra called El Tirón.

Renewing the contract eliminates the possibility of Gálvez staying in the contest, something that for weeks has seemed real. The presenter and Atresmedia were negotiating to reach a specific offer. But sources close to these conversations assure that a key issue in the return of the contest to Antena 3 is the profitability of the operation: Pasapalabra will be much cheaper than the space it will replace, Now I fall, but maintaining that profit margin would force to cut the Galvez’s salary. Mediaset has a right of first refusal with the presenter, that is, the possibility of matching the offers it receives to maintain its contract.

It will be the first time since 2005 that the contest has another face, still to be announced. Gálvez’s passage through Pasapalabra remains as a sign of the long years that it has been broadcast on Telecinco: before, between 2000 and 2005, when he was on Antena 3, it was presented by Silvia Jato, Constantino Romero and Jaime Cantizano. However, and as announced by Atresmedia, it will be of the little that changes in the new version, which Antena 3 assumes after losing Telecinco the format rights due to non-payment. The television group has taken all the tests, the intellectual property of different owners, and plans to release it in the first half of the year.

As a sign of the spirit of continuity that Antena 3 intends to sell, the chain signed Javier Anel, veteran production manager of the program, a few days ago. Anel had started working on it since its premiere and remained there, even after the chain change, until 2017. The fact that the team’s recruitment is so advanced does not mean, however, that the premiere is imminent. It all depends on the testing phase and how the new presenter adapts, now that he is certainly not the most veteran of the candidates.

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