A new character has made its debut in Tomorrow belongs to us. Christelle has found her daughter but Laura may well die. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Several weeks ago, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us were able to find the characters of the series. The soap opera featured several new storylines and followers were able to learn more about Amanda’s assault.

Then, Laura, a young woman made her debut in Sète and she disturbed the whole Moreno family. And for good reason, it seems that she is Christelle’s daughter and the social worker abandoned her when she was young.

Thus, Christelle invited Laura to come to her home but she was not unanimous. Betty and Sylvain don’t like the young woman and she seems to be hiding a lot of things. And for good reason, she escaped from a sect.

In addition, Laura has health concerns and she refuses to take medication. It looks like her condition will deteriorate in Tomorrow belongs to us and she could die.

Tomorrow is ours: Laura about to die?

In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Laura goes into hiding with Luke but she will have a very bad stomach ache. So, Charlie’s brother will do everything to help him and Laura could soon end up in the hospital between life and death.

William is going to examine the young woman in Tomorrow belongs to us and he will announce bad news to the social worker. Indeed, Laura has kidney trouble and needs to have the operation ASAP.

If Laura refuses to have the operation, she could die in the next episodes. Thus, Christelle will surely do everything to help her but it is already going to be complicated.

Besides, nothing says that the members of the sect will not disembark to quote Laura. They are against drugs and Laura does not trust doctors and modern medicine at all …

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