Chris Weidman clarifies that he did not celebrate when Anderson Silva was injured

When Chris Weidman broke his leg last Saturday at UFC 261, a lot of people jumped in to say it was karma.

Weidman, whose right leg was broken after launching a kick that was stopped by Uriah Hall, was on the receiving end of the same injury Anderson Silva suffered when Weidman stopped his kick to the leg in their December 2013 rematch at UFC 168. .

As soon as Silva went down, then-middleweight champion Weidman raised his hands in celebration, an action for which he was heavily criticized at the time. Chris says he initially had no idea how severe Anderson’s injury was. In fact, she went to comfort him as soon as she realized what really happened.

Weidman felt the need to explain himself after some people sadly reveled in his horrible broken leg, as if it was karma for the way he handled Silva’s injury.

“Anyone who says I celebrated when Anderson’s leg broke is completely wrong. He did not know that his leg had been broken. I thought he had a good block on his kick, which is why he sank in pain. That is something that usually happens in training. It is painful for a short time, but improves quickly, somewhat like a hit to the body. After circling the octagon, I realized that he was in severe pain from his screaming and immediately went to see him and tried to comfort him. That’s when I noticed him holding his leg in place. There was no happiness on my part from then on. Then I went and got the security guys out of the way so his coaches could get into the octagon and he could have some familiar faces by his side during that horrible event. “

Following Weidman’s injury, Silva took to social media to wish Chris a speedy recovery. Weidman left the hospital Tuesday and flew home in a private jet courtesy of Dana White.

Chris Weidman FractureChris Weidman Fracture

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