Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger enjoy a walk on the beach

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger don’t need to be a special day to fully enjoy it as a family.

However, both Chris Pratt and Katherine made a space to go out and enjoy a walk on the beach in Santa Barbara with their children, on Valentine’s Day.

Chris Pratt manages to exercise while entertaining his son

Their baby girl Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt was only born in August, but she has already settled into the routine of her parents whose lives are somewhat hectic on recording sets.

They were also joined on the tour by Chris and Anna Faris’ son Jack, who lives with both of his parents despite their divorce. In fact, Anna and Chris agreed to live close together to make it easier for everyone to coexist.

This is how Pratt has kept an eye on 8-year-old Jack, as he continues to make his life with Katherine and Lyla.

Chris Pratt is already a victim of quarantine

The baby’s parents have been totally touched by her arrival and together they have overcome the criticism they have received after Pratt’s divorce and those that were added when he refused to participate in a political event in favor of Joe Biden.

Since then, some fan groups have started calling him “the worst Chris in Hollywood,” as if he were actually the most cruel and ruthless there is.

The important thing is that Katherine knows who she is and is happy with the life they have built together, despite the fact that her own father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, mistakes his son-in-law for Chris Evans.

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Beyond any adversity, they seem to be enjoying this stage, especially now that Chris finished filming his appearances in Thor Love and Thunder, so he is already spending more time at home.

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