Chris Paul, faced with a summer decision that will change his future

Chris paul is one of the proper names of the 2020/21 season. The American base of Phoenix suns He has led his team to the NBA Finals in an unexpected way, but even though he has failed to take the ring, he will keep trying. The question that all fans of the best basketball league on the planet ask is the following: In which team will you try to achieve it?

The Suns point guard has uncovered this season as a scorer in the hottest and most important moments of games, but his future is not guaranteed in Arizona. In fact, so much so that for Chris Paul, one of the proper names of these NBA Finals, a double path opens that we comment on below.

The two possibilities for CP3

Of course, there will be many NBA teams who will want to take Chris Paul after the skills shown on the field of play throughout the course. But the first thing the veteran playmaker will have to decide in his busy summer is the following:

– Sign for a contender in the limited salary space that remains, greatly reducing their salary demands. In this window, the team that most closely matches the base’s claims are Los Angeles Lakers.

– That his next contract be with a second level team like the example of these Suns, getting 100 million in a multi-year contract that guarantees the economic viability of the final stretch of his sports career.

At the moment, it is impossible to predict which shirt Chris Paul will defend next season, but what is clear is that we will continue to enjoy what, this season, has been one of the best players in the league and one of the most beloved stars of all the panorama of the NBA.

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