There is a lot of talk about the possible decisions that the NBA to finish the competition despite the coronavirus crisis, putting in the focus of the same to Adam Silver and all its executive team. However, Chris Paul one of the heaviest players in the league and who has been leading the team for seven years Players Association for a long time, he has broken a spear in favor of the right of all basketball players to preserve their health and have the time they consider necessary to train, recover their rhythm and thus mitigate the possibility of injury. This is a matter of great concern in all instances and to which uncertainty does not help.

“I have already made it known to all those in charge of the league that the decision on the time that we are going to have to train before competing again, is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the players. It is we who play and who put us at risk Our health. If we go back without several weeks of progressive training, we are going to experience a lot of injuries in the league, “Paul stated flatly. “Right now there is a lot of uncertainty, we are more than 450 players in the NBA and not all have the same ability to exercise during confinement reason why the training period will have to be wide enough so that having a home gym or a basket is not an advantage compared to those who have not had it, “he asserted forcefully.

Chris Paul He did not want to comment on deadlines or format to resume the competition, being cautious in that regard. “The only thing we want is to play, I am focused on it. We will do it when the virus is fully under control, so I cannot pronounce anything else. But if I want it to be clear it is that the NBA he will have to consult the players and we will meet and say how much time we need to be able to compete “. Interesting reflection that should be taken into account by Adam Silver and the entire league team to successfully overcome this global pandemic of coronavirus.