Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster will meet in Game 6

The Finals always feature gripping duels between star players. But today one of the ‘duels’ with the greatest focus will not be between players. The referee Scott foster will be one of the three referees of the sixth game. Again you will see the faces with Chris paul.

The Paul-Foster ‘duel’ has been a real hell for the All-Star. Lovers of extreme statistics will enjoy the one that unites these two protagonists. Chris Paul has lost 11 straight playoff games to refereeing by Foster! A spectacular fact. He does not want to see him even in painting.

During that negative streak Paul has not cut himself when criticizing the referee publicly. And his coach, Monty williams, already dropped his criticism after the third game of these Finals.

The numbers are spectacular. Paul has played 17 postseason games under Foster’s whistle … and he’s only won 2! And there are those 11 losses in a row. Of them, 2 in the current playoffs. Both clear. In the third game of the first round against the Lakers (109-95). And in the third game of the Finals against the Bucks (120-100). The results do not give much to blame the judge for both contests, really.

Today the collegiate team will accompany Foster Tony brothers Y Eric lewis. Almost no one doubts the ability of the three. They are three experienced referees. And Foster is considered one of the best in the NBA.

The worst thing for Paul is that if he continues his bad streak he will have run out of ring. Because Bucks dominates 3-2 and if he wins at home he will be champion.

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