Chris Martin and Jay-Z are such friends, they even go for sushi together

Who knew Chris Martin and Jay-Z join forces for sushi on a boys’ night out? This is how the musicians were seen.

Chris Martin and Jay-Z have a closer friendship than we might think; In addition to the fact that they both admire each other because they are dedicated to music, it seems that they have more things in common than going out together on a weekday night.

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The two were seen at Sushi Park in West Hollywood, where they ate a little and chatted for a while; however, as rare as it is to see them like this on an ordinary day, they seemed to have something on their hands.

As they walked in the mall, it looked like Jay-Z was holding something resembling a work of art that had been protected with bubble wrap to prevent it from being damaged.

Whether they have found an artistic find, a decorative item, or a gift to Beyoncé, the two looked very aware of the object they carried with them.

Even if it were a surprise, their friendship is already at the height of keeping secrets, not long ago Jay-Z called Chris “a modern Shakespeare.”

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This nickname went around the world in 2017, when Jay-Z assured that he has been in the music industry for so long that he has developed a talent for knowing when he has a genius in front of him, and that this happens to him with Chris.

In addition to these compliments, he did not miss the opportunity to recommend seeing Chris and his band Coldplay live, since it is a show free of regrets, and this was demonstrated by the boys in the opening of the Brit Awards recently.

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