Chris Jericho recently spoke on Chris Jericho’s Saturday Night Special on YouTube. Jericho spoke on a variety of topics, including why he believes AEW was the true winner of this week’s Wednesday Night Ratings War with WWE NXT.

AEW hosted Night 2 of the Fyter Fest this week, starring Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy. NXT, on the other hand, had the second night of the Great American Bash led by Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee for the NXT and the North American Championship.

According to official ratings, NXT beat AEW with more viewers tuning in to see the yellow mark instead of AEW. However, it was AEW who took the lead in the 18-49 demographic.

Here is what Forbes said about last week’s ratings:

AEW Fyter Fest, Night 2, drew an average audience of 715,000 below 4% from 748,000 last week. AEW was at n. ° 7 in the original 150 cable transmissions among the 18-49 year old demographic. WWE NXT had 759,000 viewers, 4% less than last week’s 792,000. NXT came in at number 24 in the 18-49 demographic.

Chris Jericho says AEW is the real winner in the ratings battle

Chris Jericho has often stated in his Tweets that AEW is the real winner of the ratings war because they capture the ‘key’ audience from 18-49. This is what the first AEW World Champion said about why AEW should be considered the real winners instead of NXT.

Listen, it’s very important to have the most viewers, and NXT definitely got the win this week, congratulations to them. But this is not being a bad loser or something, but we did not lose, we won. If you know anything about television, there is a certain demographic that is the most important to advertisers and broadcasters. I don’t want to sound degrading to anyone outside of this age range, but 18-49 is what advertisers care most about. It’s called ‘The Demo’ and that means advertisers for all products want to appeal to a certain age group. ”

Chris Jericho went on to say that it should not be misunderstood. He believes that all age groups are important, but the 18-49 demographic is the most essential and AEW has been dominating NXT in that age range for the past two weeks.

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