Roman Reigns couldn’t help but compare himself to his cousin The Rock throughout his career. Now that Big Dog has Paul Heyman by her side, things are looking up for the Tribal Chief.

The Rock really broke out on its own when he was finally allowed to tell fans what he thought of them. Now Roman Reigns has the same opportunity, as he destroys everyone and leaves.

Chris Jericho says rude Roman Reigns reminds him of The Rock

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Chris Jericho spoke about how Roman Reigns is doing as a heel. Le Champion said Reigns has improved and will continue to do so as a badass. It even reminds him of The Rock in so many ways.

“I am a huge fan of Roman Reigns. I think that as a heel, he is going to take leaps and bounds to be better than as a babyface, which will then allow him to become a babyface, which will be leaps and bounds over being a heel. “

“I love Joe [Roman]; he is a great worker. I love working with him. I probably worked with him, I don’t know, 40 times in 2016-17. We did home shows all over the world, live events all over the world, and he has a great personality. If you let Roman Reigns be himself, he’ll get over it even more. “

“It reminds me a lot of The Rock. He’s the kind of man that, if you’re a man, you want to have a beer with them. If you’re a girl, you want to go on a date with him, but he doesn’t get a chance to really show it.

Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns may never meet again in the ring. The lines of the company are now separating the two. You never know what can happen in professional wrestling, because Roman Reigns seems to be a totally different superstar this time around.

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