This week AEW presented the special Fight for the Fallen, with the fight between Jon Moxley and Brian Cage as a stellar event, but in addition to this Chris Jericho starred in an interesting segment in which he released highly controversial comments.

Chris Jericho talks about the demographic group 18-49 years

Chris Jercho took the microphone and threw a huge punch at WWE NXT, saying that like every week, he won the ratings war.

“The most important thing is the 18-49 demographic, the demo, and Le Champion has never been beaten in that demo, I am the king of ratings, I am Le Champion of the demo, I am the god of demo.”

In a tweet published last week, explaining the same topic, he points out that “For television networks and sponsors, it is the only number that matters.”

Jericho’s words are very strong, because it seems that the company does not care about children and adolescents and neither do older adults, since it has put them aside in the count of its significant audience.

We know that for WWE, the young audience is of vital importance, especially in terms of merchandise sales and subscriptions, which is why Jericho’s words seem to sound like a “tantrum” for not obtaining the desired results. .

The Wednesday night war is barely taking shape and in the coming weeks we will be able to see which company has managed to capture the attention of viewers.

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