When we thought we had seen all of Thor after his movie trilogy and his participation in the Avengers, the news of a fourth installment of the God of Asgard again from the hand of Taika Waititi has left us yearning to see more of one of our favorite heroes. And to complement the anticipated wait to finally enjoy Thor: Love & Thunder, Chris Hemsworth has revealed that this movie is not the end of Thor.

In a recent interview for the Polish edition of Elle Man magazine (via Heroic Hollywood) the Australian actor was asked if after this fourth part of the story of the God of Thunder he was finally planning to put an end to his time in the MCU and remove the character and give the power of the hammer to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, to which the actor did not respond affirmatively:

« Are you crazy?! I’m not retiring. Thor is too young for that. It’s only 1500 years old! This is definitely not the movie where I say goodbye to your brand. At least I hope so. »

Thor: Love & Thunder will not only see the return of Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson and even Natalie Portman, it has also been confirmed that this fourth film that revolves around Odin’s son would be joining Christian Bale as the villain and even Von Diesel has anticipated that some members of Guardians of the Galaxy will be incorporated into the cast.

Likewise, the director and screenwriter Taika Waititi has anticipated that this film will be full of romance and out of his comfort zone, find out more about it below.

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