Chris Hemsworth could star in Gladiator 2

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), could be Russell Crowe’s son in Gladiator 2.

Chris Hemsworth will always be remembered for playing Thor in it Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, but he also has other memorable roles like Tyler rake in Extraction, Agent H in Men In Black: International or Billy lee in Bad Times at the El Royale. You are now looking for new projects and could do Gladiator 2, the continuation of the success of the year 2000.

The first installment directed by Ridley scott It was a great commercial success since it obtained 460 million dollars worldwide, in addition it obtained 5 Oscars of the seven to which it was nominated. The problem with them making a sequel is that the main leads Maximus (Russell Crowe) and Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) die in the end. However, they have always tried to do Gladiator 2 and it seems that the project is finally starting to get underway.

Now while Chris Hemsworth has been in Australia shooting Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor Russell crowe He walked over to the set so he could talk to the Marvel Studios star. Both have discussed the possibility of working together in Gladiator 2, as the 2 actors have spent some time sharing script ideas.

The funny thing is that the son of Maximus He also dies in the first installment, so they will have to create an interesting story to fit all the pieces.

The actor has many projects underway.

Chris Hemsworth has signed to star in the film Furious next to Anya Taylor-Joy , this story will be a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. He will also make a biopic of the fighter Hulk hoganFor this he has increased his physical preparation and has never been so strong before. Finally, it will also make a sequel to Extraction, the success of Netflix Directed by Joe Russo, head of Marvel Studios movies like Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

All movies of Marvel studios from Chris Hemsworth can currently be seen in Disney + by following this link.