A few days ago, the interpreter who gave life to Captain America became a trend on social networks by starring in a small slip after he accidentally published an intimate photo. After the « embarrassing » incident, Chris Evans has reappeared on Twitter, although not with the response we might expect …

It all started when Evans was interacting with his group of followers via Instagram and wanted to share a video. But before stopping the recording, it captured part of the reel of its device, where a snapshot of male genitalia could be seen. The actor was not aware of this involuntary leak, but his little more than six million followers did notice the matter and eagerly captured the uncomfortable moment to viralize it.

Aware of this hilarious event, the actor decided to take advantage of it and divert attention a bit to send an attentive announcement to all his American followers, inviting them to vote on November 3, 2020.

Now that I have your attention. VOTE on November 3 ».

In previous days, his co-star Mark Ruffalo He reacted to the happy intimate photography to remind him that there are worse things to look bad in front of others. In other words, the actor threw a stone at Donald Trump.

« Brother, as long as Trump is still president, there’s nothing you can do to embarrass yourself. You see? The positive side of things ».

In professional matters, Chris Evans will be working on the thriller The Gray Man, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and where he will also share credits with Ryan Gosling. It was also reported that he will star in the remake of La tiendita de los horrores, a project that does not yet have a release date.

Chris Evans

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