Chris Evans, the actor known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Universe, unwittingly placed himself in the eye of the hurricane after accidentally posting several intimate photos on Instagram, including one of his genitalia. Although the images were quickly removed, they continued to circulate on the network in an incident that the interpreter describes as « shameful ».

Although many Evans fans have shown their support for the actor on social media, sharing « normal » photos of him, especially those with his dogs, to prevent the other photos from appearing when searching for his name, the embarrassing images went viral almost instantaneously. Despite this, Evans takes it with humor, admitting that it has been a most interesting weekend.

« Look, It’s been a very interesting weekend, full of lessons to be learned, « he said in an interview on the Tandom Hall show. » You know, those things happen. It’s embarrassing, but you have to take the hits. And I will say that I have fantastic fans who really supported me. That was very very nice« , he added gratefully.

The actor has already reacted to the accidental leak on his Twitter account in a most ingenious way and taking advantage of the situation to launch a political message. « Now that I have your attention * Vote on November 3, » he tweeted wryly.