Chris Cornell’s widow sues Soundgarden again

Although they do not believe it, sadly it has been almost four years since the great Chris Cornell died. Since then, we all continue to remember him for the enormous legacy he left with bands like Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, but for some time now his name has been involved in controversy, for the huge lawsuit his wife has with former members of the Seattle gang.

As you recall, the grunge singer’s widow, Vicky cornell, He sued Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd in December 2019. At that time it was said that it was because defaulted on the payment of royalties, until the legal dispute over seven songs that the leader of the band had supposedly recorded before he died and that his companions seek to be credited as co-writers.

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Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell performing with Soundgarden in 2013 / Photo: .


Lawsuit between Chris Cornell’s widow and Soundgarden continues

The lawsuit between both parties never really ended and it is now very clear to us. According to Variety, Chris Cornell’s widow has sued the remaining members of Soundgarden again, claiming that They offered him $ 300,000 for his participation in the band’s society, a proposal that he considers “ridiculously low” and asking someone to professionally evaluate and analyze this situation.

On the demand, Vicky Cornell claims Seattle gang members turned down her $ 21 million offer, and also denied other $ 16 million for the rights to the group’s music recordings. According to the same source, in the documents it says that tried to give Cameron, Shepherd and Thayil 4 million dollars each for their collective interests in the group company.

Chris and Vicky Cornell. Photo: .

However, the members of Soundgarden did not accept and later, Vicky proposed to give them 7 million, which they did not love. The lawsuit also claims that the band has refused to share data on the value of society:

“This move has been necessitated by the selfish and ruthless actions of the remaining members of the Soundgarden band, who seek to steal from his former partner, Chris Cornell, his wife and their minor children, the legacy and value of Chris’s life. , which has made them millions of dollars. Members of the group have knowingly offered only a small fraction of the true value of Chris’ stake in Soundgarden and certain related entities, making a ridiculously low offer. And they know it, ”says part of the document.

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What does the band say about it?

In response, a representative of the group responded to Variety mentioning that consulted an expert for their proposal: “As requested by Chris Cornell’s family and as required by Washington State law, the remaining members of Soundgarden submitted four months ago an offer to purchase the estate interests in the band, calculated by the respected valuation expert of Gary Cohen Music Industry ”.

According to a document provided by the Soundgarden spokesperson, Cohen has served as an auditor in situations involving big names within the music industry. like The Beatles and EMI Music Publishing, The Rolling Stones, Sony and Abkco, Taylor Swift and Big Machine Records, Miles Davis and Sony Music and dozens of others. So at least for what they mention, they went to a specialist to assess everything.

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Since then, the gang members have continued to try to resolve all disputes with Chris Cornell’s family and in their various attempts to reach an agreement, they have chosen to offer several times more than the amount calculated by Cohen. This dispute has never been about money for the group. It is about his life’s work and his legacy ”, the letter closes. We will continue pending this case because Between the singer’s family and Soundgarden there is still cloth to cut from.