ChovA, the company that helps you insulate your home

ChovA is a Spanish company that has specialized in solutions for the insulation and waterproofing of homes and buildings, with several products adapted to the client’s needs.

Among these products we find the asphalt fabric or polystyrene, although their catalog is broader because they can also help us fight against the noise that prevents us from resting when we are at home.

Asphalt fabric for waterproofing roofs

One of the big problems with roofs is water seepage. No matter how well it is executed, a small crack causes the water to get inside the house when it rains a lot or it is windy and the water falls as if it were being sprayed.

These problems occur a lot in the joints of the roofs with other houses or in that type of terraces that act as the roof of the house and that are passable.

Asphalt fabric is one of the best solutions to eliminate leaks, since it is installed without works and in addition, ChovA has developed a type of fabric that is self-adhesive, which means that no heat is needed to place it.

There are asphalt fabrics to which you have to apply fire to make them stick, which always poses a fire hazard at certain times of the year such as summer and on roofs that have wooden beams.

ChovA has thermal insulation solutions

The thermal isolation of homes is an increasingly important factor for several reasons, among which we can name the environment and energy saving which is noted on the bill at the end of the month

ChovA has several materials that provide this thermal insulation and that can be placed in various areas of the buildings. Among its solutions are extruded polystyrene, inverlosa, rock wool or ChovATERM.

ChovAFOAM XPS extruded polystyrene is a rigid foam sheet that can be placed both on roofs, facades and floors in order to improve the thermal insulation of buildings, working for both cold and heat.

Placing these plates saves energy, something that we will appreciate very much in these moments in which the new electricity bill has brought us brutal increases.

Another of its solutions are the insulating slabs that this company has called Inverlosa, a very versatile solution that is especially useful for isolating walkable roofs, such as those terraces that we talked about in the asphalt fabric section.

The slabs have several functions, since in addition to insulating from the cold and heat they are waterproofing, since they have been manufactured in such a way that the water runs through their surface, although they are also suitable to be placed on flat roofs as long as there is a rainwater tank .

Rock wool to insulate from temperatures and noise

ChovA not only has products for homes, but also has a range dedicated to the industry such as LAROC stone wool, designed for industrial flat roofs.

These rock wool sheets are water-repellent, do not burn and isolate both temperatures and noise, becoming one of the best materials to insulate the roofs of factories, warehouses, workshops, etc.

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