Chosen for Glory is the first Disney + series that does not renew

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The Disney + streaming platform has great content, but the Chosen for Glory series has not succeeded and will not continue with a second season.

Even though Disney + impacts a lot thanks to its programs Marvel studios and Star wars, is a relatively new streaming platform. Therefore, there had not yet been time for any of his series to be canceled. But it seems there will be no continuation for Chosen for Glory (The Right Stuff).

The show starring Patrick J. Adams and Jake mcdorman it was originally from National Geographic and Disney had acquired its rights to its streaming service on Disney +. Cancellation of Chosen for glory It occurs after the broadcast of the first season of the drama based on the novel by Tom wolfe, which stars astronauts and their families who instantly become famous trying to be part of Project Mercury.

The second season could come to HBO Max.

curiously Chosen for glory could have more life beyond Disney +, as Warner Bros I could resume the series for TNT or HBO Max. Although it seems that the contract options on the cast will expire soon, so they will have to rush to make a decision if they want there to be a second season.

Hopefully, Chosen for glory will find a new season on another platform, but its cancellation in Disney + demonstrates how they operate with their catalog. Since they give top priority to their original content such as The Mandalorian, WandaVision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier, while acquired programs are easier to cancel if the figures are not adequate.

For now you can see the first season of Chosen for glory in Disney + following this link. But you will have to hurry to see it, because it could disappear from the catalog at any time.