Chivas works to correct and add in Liga MX: Jesús Enrique Sánchez

Jesus Hernandez Tellez

Guadalajara / 02.17.2021 13:59:36

In Chivas they know what have been their mistakes and are working to correct them, as stated by Jesús Enrique Chapo Sánchez, who, although it is true, started the rebellion in León with that great goal, but has also had failures such as those first 20 minutes in San Luis, or the play of the first goal of Necaxa, where he failed to cut Domínguez’s advance and stayed behind. the middle of the river.

« We have made specific mistakes, which have cost us goals against, we already have them well detected and we have to improve in that sense. We are not happy with what has been done so far, the key has been the mistakes we have had, we must be more focused, « said the Sonoran.

Jesús Enrique Sánchez was asked if they believe that so far they have deserved more points than they add up to now and he pointed out that yes, a couple more, since so far they account for less than 30 percent of the units in dispute.

« If we deserve, I think we do deserve a couple more points, but we know that it is not worth it, it is worthI’m going to sound a bit repetitive, but all that remains is to work to recover the points we have lost ”.

Regarding the points they have away from home, which are double those obtained in Zapopan, El Chapo pointed out that they are going to work hard to win in the Huracán de Hidalgo.

« We try to go out to win locally or visiting, but we have not been given the results lately, but we are going to work to go to Pachuca for the win.