Chivas vs Santos: Lineups of the match of matchday 13 of the Guardians Tournament 2021

Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara and Santos Laguna face each other in the match on date 13 of Guardianes 2021 and although they live different realities, both teams seek the 3 points at all costs, because for Chivas, they would return them to the playoff area.

On the other hand, Santos Laguna needs to add the 3 points to place in third place in the General Classification and secure his place in the next phase.

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Both Víctor Manuel Vucetich and Almada will send their best 11 starters available to the Akron Stadium field this afternoon.

Party lineups:

Chivas: Rodríguez, Mayorga, Mier, Briseño, Sánchez, Molina, Torres, Brizuela, Antuna, Vega and Zaldívar.

Santos: Acevedo, Torres, Doria, Cervantes, Otero, Andrade, Prieto, Ibargüen, Isijara, Ocejo and Muñoz.

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