Chivas: Tapatío players showed their disappointment on video and it was deleted by the Club

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara are still at the bottom of the table and with the draw against Santos Laguna, they lose chances of qualifying for the playoffs, because they are out of the zone and the rivals in front of them are showing more level.

Both the fans, the board and even the squad are upset with the recent results and a video of Tapatío watching the goal live shows the moment that is lived in Chivas.

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El Tapatío, a subsidiary of the Flock in the Expansion League, is fifth in the Classification, close to the league spots, however, when they saw the First team play, they did not show any emotion even when the team tied the game.

In the video posted by the Tapatío account, there is a curious silence when Jesús Angulo tied the game against Santos.

Thus, the fans made fun of the players and others were angry for not showing support for the Chivas players and not feeling the colors of the Flock.

The video was removed hours later, after hundreds of comments it generated.

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