Chivas: Ronaldo Cisneros has a heart disease in preseason

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara returned from vacation to report to the preseason with a view to the 2021 Apertura of the MX League receiving ‘bitter news’, since the forward’s medical examinations, Ronaldo Cisneros, They found that the 24-year-old soccer player had a heart problem.

According to the report by Jesús Hernández, a journalist for La Afición, Cisneros was detected an underdevelopment in the stress test, for which he was ordered by medical studies that revealed a muscular bridge in the anterior descending artery.

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The source points out that the doctor who performed this test, who does not belong to the Guadalajara Sports Medicine and Science, recommended not to continue with his professional career.

What is an Intramiocardic bridge?

Intramyocardial bridges are an anomaly of the coronary circulation. These usually present in the course of the anterior descending artery and are classified as superficial or deep.

Second test

Faced with the devastating news, the club and the player sought a second medical opinion, for which he was sent to Mexico City for further clinical studies.

The result of this second test was positive, as it did not show evidence of ischemia or alteration of myocardial motility.

Final test

After this second test, Cisneros traveled to New York to be reviewed by a specialist in contact sports, who analyzed Cisneros’s studies and approved that the footballer could continue with his professional career.

Chivas was accompanying Cisneros’ process at all times and they have authorized him to join the preseason next week, although the player will have to sign a response stating that he feels good and without problems to continue playing.

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