Chivas: Ricardo Peláez accepts mistakes in transfers and promises transfer list

Ricardo Peláez, Sports Director of the Chivas, in an interview for Chivas TV, he spoke of the continuity of Víctor Manuel Vucetich and likewise, he assured that he has failed in hiring signings in the Flock.

Peláez spoke of the last signings of the Flock since the last title and assured that of 19 that have arrived, only 5 have given the width.

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“After the last title, 35 players have been brought in, 19 of them from other teams and only 5 have managed to establish themselves as starters; Antuna, Alexis, Angulo, Mier, Molina.” Peláez said.

Peláez assured that not only he has been the culprit of the decisions, since the previous directors also failed in some signings.

“There were decisions that are mine, others of my predecessors but they are decisions but we have a good team, competition and I have learned that not everyone can succeed. It takes time and support them.” He said

On the list of transferable, he assured in the next few days they will announce the list of transferable.

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