Chivas puts a condition on José Juan Macías to transfer him to Getafe

The signing of Jose Juan Macías with Getafe from La Liga in Spain it seems to be more than closed, as both directives have reached an economic and contractual agreement that would end with the loan of one year and the possibility that the Spanish team buy the 50% of the menu at the end of the loan, only that the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara they have a request for their player.

The Flock is aware that Macías is about to conclude his contract, which is why he has been flexible by letting his youth squad emigrate to Europe on a loan, as long as the footballer commits to an extension of the contract with the rojiblanco team. that is to say, that I renew with Chivas so as not to have a ‘leak’ next summer.

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According to information revealed in the Half Time Filtered Touch column, this would be the only condition that Chivas is putting on José Juan Macías before allowing his departure to the old continent. Unofficially, it is said that the board is asking for a extension for two years.

Chivas does not want to lose Macías, who could freely negotiate his departure in December with Getafe or any other club, arriving for free in the summer of 2022 to any club that presents him with a contractual offer.

Macías has a one-year contract with the chiverío and is valued at 10 million euros, so Chivas wants to ensure that he will not have economic “losses” with the JJ already installed in Spain.

Chivas is trying to ’round out’ its business, which has been devalued in recent months due to the financial crisis that came with the pandemic, because a couple of tournaments ago, the Flock was able to win $ 15 million offered by the Club León for the record of Macías.

José Juan Macías injured?

In addition to this request from Chivas, it is ensured that a slight injury that keeps Macías away from training with the Mexican Selection, would be another of the reasons that have blocked the negotiations, because before signing the transfer contract, José Juan has to perform rigorous medical tests with Getafe, something that could not do with this ailment. Also read: They reveal the millionaire salary of Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña in Antigua de Guatemala


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