Chivas: Nobody has the power to buy Guadalajara, sentence José Luis Higuera

After the new theories that emerged in some discussion tables of sports programs about a possible sale of the Chivas Rayada del Guadalajara, the former Herd CEO, José Luis Higuera, assured that there is no one who can buy at Guadalajara Sports Club or be willing to risk so much capital on a soccer team.

The former Chivas manager was blunt and recalled that during his tenure there was never a formal proposal to buy the team, ensuring that currently there are no people who have the money available to risk buying it.

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“No, that really is unfortunate that it gets a lot of smoke, everyone puts Chivas up for sale and nobody, I think, has the money, first available or who wants to risk it on what Chivas is worth. There are 2 things: what it is worth and what they are willing to pay, that decision is only made by the owner ”, commented Higuera.

In the past, names such as that of the Mexican magnate, Carlos Slim, who supposedly was interested in buying Chivas, a rumor that was half accepted by Higuera, as he commented that they only tried to put together a plan to invite investors, without reaching anything. more.

“To your server José Luis Higuera there was never someone who came to Jorge (Vergara) with a purchase position. What we did was hire a financial company, which is part of a valuation that you have to do as heads of a business unit, to know how much one is worth, how you can place it or invite investment, nothing more. There the project stayed, in initiative. Guadalajara could have money to strengthen and make the company liquid, but in the end it did not happen, it was our initiative, a businessman never made a formal offer for the team, ”commented the now owner of Atlético Morelia.

Regarding the management that Amaury Vergara is carrying out alongside Ricardo Peláez in the sports direction, Higuera described this as “spectacular”, but assured that this model is not something with which he agrees.

“He is the only one who can define that, not because he is young he is not ready for this, he will know the model he wants, it is different from how I see football, yes, I am not a friend of that spectacular model. I am a friend of a more sustainable model and if you fail you have greater adjustment maneuvers than when you throw such thick meat on the grill, that is my point of view, “he said.

Higuera left a ‘stick’ for the current board, commenting that he does not know if he is well or poorly advised, because he does not know the current finances of the rojiblanco club, describing the model used as ‘applause’ or spectacular.

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