Chivas: José Juan Macías would sign with the Getafe subsidiary in Spain

The signing of José Juan Macías with him Getafe from Spain It seems to be more than closed, as different sources have already assured that Amaury Vergara would have given the go-ahead to the transfer of his youth squad to try his luck in the old continent and fulfill the dream for which he has clung to in the last two seasons. after returning to Chivas.

However, and for administrative reasons, the signing of Macías would be with the Getafe subsidiary team, this in order not to occupy extra-community places in the first team, although the player would develop completely with the club that participates in the Spanish League.

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“We completed Patrick Meehan Nader’s info on JJ Macías. Getafe is interested in signing a loan at the express request of Michel. He would sign with the affiliate file so as not to occupy the extra-community places, but his development would be entirely with the first team ”published Manuel Vaquero.

Chivas would have already given the go-ahead for Macías to go on loan to Getafe for a year, leaving open the possibility that the Azulón club will buy a percentage of his letter and thus be able to bet on a future millionaire sale in case José Juan succeeds project itself in Europe and continue to increase its value.

Macías is currently valued at 10 million euros on the specialized transfer portal, Transfermarkt.

Numbers of José Juan Macías in the previous season: 12 goals and 1 assist in 33 games 2,424 minutes 21 years Value: 10 MDE

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