Chivas: José Juan Macías, the most expensive bet in the history of Getafe

Getafe of Spain would have reached an agreement with Chivas for the transfer of Jose Juan Macías for the 2021-2022 season in the Spanish League, period that will serve as a test to determine if the blue box makes the purchase clause effective in the summer of 2022, which, presumably is set at 6 million dollars, but only for the 50% of the footballer’s rights.

With this measure, Chivas bet on a projection of the footballer in European lands and a future sale from Getafe, expecting half of the profits in a millionaire transaction, according to his plans.

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Although the 6 million dollars are far from the 10 million euros they paid for Marc Cucurella last season, the possible purchase of Macías in 2022 would represent the most expensive signing for Getafe, this if it is considered that they would only be acquiring the half of your letter.

Comparing the total value of his token, Macías would have a value of 10.03 million euros in its entirety, narrowly surpassing the most expensive transfers in the history of the azulón club, which has never paid more than 10 million euros for the 100 % of a footballer’s file.

Most expensive transfers in the history of Getafe: Marc Cucurella. 21 years (2020)
10 MDE Nemanja Maksimovic. 23 years (2018)
10 MDE Enes Ünal. 23 years (2020)
9 MDE Erick Cabaco. 24 years (2019)
8 MDE Óscar Ustari. 21 years old (2007)
6 MDE Roberto Soldado. 23 years old (2008)
6 MDE Enric Gallego. 32 years (2019)
José Juan Macías. 22 years (2021)
5.02 DEM (50% of the pass)

Ignais Miguel. 25 years (2018)
5 MDE Jaime Gavilán. 25 years (2018)
4.5 MDE

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