Chivas: Jonny Magallón “demands” JJ Macías take advantage of the opportunity to go to Europe

The striker of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, JJ Macias He is nowhere near confirming his signing to Getafe from La Liga in Spain for the following season, so this situation has caused divided opinions.

And is that the former players of the Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara, Jonny Magallon and Oswaldo Alanís made known their position on the imminent departure of Macías to the Old Continent.

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“Perhaps he (Macías) is now in a process, in growth, he may have had his ups and downs, but if the opportunity arises, he cannot wait any longer, you have to take advantage, you have to take risks, you have to dare and if you are in the possibilities and if Guadalajara can give him this situation in favor, go ahead “, revealed Magallón in an interview with ESPN.

“I think what we need is for Mexico to sound throughout the world and those who are outside are representing us in the best way, and one more, well, better,” he added.

Alanís, was happy about the step that Macías would take, but did not hide his concern about how Chivas will be able to replace the forward’s departure.

“I am very proud, I hope I can achieve it, I really wish it because it would be a lot and there he could play his football better. But on Chivas’ side it is complicated, because who would you have to bring if Macías leaves. May it be the best for Macías and Chivas and that they have a plan so that they can bring in a quality player to score goals because Chivas has to lift, “Alanís told ESPN.

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