Chivas: Isaac Brizuela ‘apologizes’ to the Technical Directors who have left the Herd

The attacker of Las Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara, Isaac ‘Rabbit’ Brizuela, At a press conference, he sent a message to all the technicians who have paraded through the Sacred Herd and who have come out due to poor results since the 2017 title.

Since the departure of Matías Almeyda in 2018, coaches such as José Saturnino Cardozo, Tomás Boy and Luis Fernando Tena have passed through Chivas.

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“We are the main culprits. We have spoken with the previous ones who have left, as players we talk about putting a stop to this situation because we are taking work away from a coaching staff and we were the culprits ”. Brizuela said at a press conference.

Since Almeyda, no coach has been able to lift the team and it is Víctor Manuel Vucetich who returned them to a Liguilla the previous tournament.

However, the era of Vucetich hangs in the balance, as Chivas is outside the playoff zone and their Classification looks complicated.

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