Chivas: Is it time for JJ Macías to go to Europe? José Luis Real reveals it

The striker of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, José Juan Macías is close to leaving the Flock for the Old Continent, despite the fact that he does not have his best moment on the field of play, the former coach of Chivas, José Luis Real assured that he is the ideal time for him to leave campus.

“The best opportunity to leave has come at the best time, the best time is not when you walk better, the best time is when a club asks you. Does a foreign soccer team want you? Bye, let’s go; if he is 15, 18, 20 years old, whatever he is. Last year I said that I had to play this tournament that happened with Chivas, because the virus, the injuries, he did not have the minutes and that would not help him to leave in the course of the previous tournament ”, declared Real.

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“Today, although he is not in his best stage, he is having more rhythm, activity and above all he is healthy, the concern is that he is healthy, not in football, because that is where his quality lies.

Güero Real spoke of the memories he has of JJ Macías, as he was throughout his training process, until his debut with Matías Almeyda.

“The part that I can remember the most about Macías is not his quality, that is not up for discussion, he is a different player, but his personality, because he was always ambitious, he always tried to give more time than everyone gave to prepare. better and more, that is not understood by many players ”, he commented.

“Macías was always busy improving his definition, that’s a very important part. Macías I think there will be few players, there are but not as forward centers that when they face the goal they shoot at goal. In Mexico we want to put everything and the ball into the goal and Macías, one of his main virtues is that he has the ability to be playing on his back, the ability to face the front and at the first opportunity to hit the goal, that is what has made him call attention ”.

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