Chivas is ‘charged’ for plagiarizing US team design and fans explode

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara presented their Apertura 2021 calendar but what caught the attention of some fans was that its design was identical to another seen years before, which is why they ‘launched’ accusations of plagiarism against the Flock.

The Chivas, in networks, used a calendar design that was previously seen used by the Ohio State Football club in 2018.

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In networks, after seeing Chivas’s design, it went from being ‘applauded’ to being ‘busted’ for plagiarism and they criticized the little creative work of the Rojiblanco team.

“There is no longer dignity, how sad to reach this point where, in addition to all the bad sports that there is in the club, with an owner who does not have to invest, who is insensitive to the fans passing through his matches, now and to finish it off, a cheap copy. ” You can read it in the comments.

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