Chivas: How many goals does Getafe expect from José Juan Macías in the Spanish League?

Chivas striker, José Juan Macías, is about to be a brand new reinforcement of Getafe of Spain in his fifth season after his return to the First division, arriving as a solution to a problem that stopped the growth of the Madrid team in recent seasons, as the previous tournament marked an important setback for the azulones.

The season 2021-2022 of Getafe It was one of the worst of the azulón team since its return to La Liga in Spain four seasons ago, managing to save the category in the last days and finishing in fifteenth place in the classification, far from the positions it had conquered in its three previous years , where he got to Europa League.

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The Azulón Position team had finished in eighth, sixth and again in eighth position in the table in its first three seasons in La Liga in Spain, in contrast to the position achieved in the previous season, where a tremendous scoring drought reached the team. .

How many goals does Getafe expect from José Juan Macías?

Although it is difficult to score an exact number of goals as a goal, the average scorer of Getafe’s best gunners in their most successful seasons can be taken as a reference, so José Juan Macías would have as a goal to score between 10 and 15 annotations, a figure that It would be a great achievement, because last season, Getafe’s best killer only scored 6 goals.

The 15 goals that Macías would have as his goal would ensure that he was fighting among the Top 5 scorers in La Liga in Spain, a category in which Lionel Messi has reigned in the last 5 years, averaging an average of 32.4 goals per season.

La Liga top scorers in the 2020-2021 season
Lionel Messi 30 goals
FC Barcelona
Karim Benzema 23 goals
Real Madrid
Gerard Moreno 23 goals
Luis Suárez 21 goals
Atletico Madrid
Yousef En Nayiri 18 goals
Alexander Isak 17 goals
Real society
Iago Aspas 14 goals
Celta de Vigo Getafe scorers in their first 4 seasons in the Spanish League
Ángel Rodríguez 6 goals (Retired)
Jaime Mata 5 goals Enes Ünal 5 goals
Ángel Rodríguez 14 goals
Jaime Mata 14 goals Jorge Molina 7 goals
Jorge Molina 16 goals
Jaime Mata 16 goals Ángel Rodríguez 13 goals
Ángel Rodríguez 13 goals
Jorge Molina 7 goals

With 15 goals as a goal for José Juan Macías, the forward would be fighting to become the second best Mexican gunner in the Spanish League, far from the records of Hugo Sánchez, but playing second and third places with Luis García and Carlitos Vela .

Best Mexican scorers in La Liga
Hugo Sánchez 38 goals
Real Madrid 1989-1990
Luis García 17 goals
Atlético Madrid 1992-1993
Carlos Vela 16 goals
Real Sociedad 2013-2014
Javier Hernández 7 goals
Real Madrid 2014-2015

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