Chivas: Hiram Mier is busted for his mistake in Santos Laguna’s goal

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara began by losing the game to him Santos Laguna de Torreón in it Akron Stadium this Sunday afternoon with a goal scored by Alberto Ocejo after half an hour of play, after a rude mistake by the Defender of the Herd, Hiram Mier, who slipped near midfield, leaving the ball at the mercy of the Warriors player.

Mier tried to control the ball near the midfield, and under pressure from the Lagunero striker, Hiram slipped and left the ball served so that Ocejo could drive freely to the herd area, shooting at pleasure before the useless stretch of Toño Rodríguez.

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The goal fell like a bucket of cold water for those of the Flock, as Vucetich’s team began to settle on the field of play against Santos Laguna, in a crucial game for Chiverío’s aspirations in their career to achieve Repechage positions.

The action was recriminated by the rojiblanca fans in social networks, because with this there are already several errors by Mier that have been reflected directly on the scoreboard in several games, costing the Guadalajara team valuable points.

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