Chivas: Francisco “Kikin” Fonseca warns JJ Macías about his imminent departure to Europe

The striker of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, JJ Macias has the doors open Sacred FlockTo start his journey through the Old Continent, after many rumors, he seems to have everything arranged with Getafe of the Spanish League.

Given this, JJ must demonstrate what he is done to achieve a solid career in the Old Continent, however, Francisco “Kikin” Fonseca, who already has experience in Europe, warned of the demands and sacrifices it will have.

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“Macías has already shown that he has the conditions to be a great center forward and to play in the National Team and to play in Europe, of course he has already shown that he has those conditions.

“The demand in training in Europe is different, there they let you just push yourself and train hard every day, they are just watching you. In Mexico the difference is that they are ‘herding’ you as we say here, they are telling you and in Europe no, in Europe they observe you and you have to be very coincidental that you have to push yourself to the maximum, there it is, every training You have to push yourself to the maximum and you cannot loosen, to push yourself to the maximum because nobody is going to be herding you, ”said the ‘Kikín’.

“Unfortunately, the difficulties a Mexican player encounters in Europe are very similar to those encountered in Mexico. There is little patience in Mexico for the Mexican forward centers, when you go to Europe as reinforcement you are required to function immediately, the weather, food, there is no problem, that was before, now it is football, the rhythm, the way of game, that yes takes a certain time to adapt “, indicated the ‘Kikín’.

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