Chivas: Filter list of transferable Guadalajara players

Even without being ratified as a flock technician, Victor Manuel Vucetich I would already be designing together with Ricardo Peláez a restructuring of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara squad for the next Opening Tournament 2021 of the MX League, a contest for which they would have already defined a list of players that they will put as transferable.

Unofficially, it is ensured that Vucetich will continue on the Chivas bench for another year, giving continuity to his project, which will be under constant evaluation by the rojiblanca directive, and for this, they have already begun to sketch the squad they will have. for next year, as well as the players who would leave the squad.

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King Midas has already been sentenced by the board headed by Peláez and Amaury Vergara on the issue of reinforcements, as these will be conditioned on the possible sales of players that the team has this summer or the exchanges that may occur with the pieces that would be available. to redeem within the same Liga MX.

For this, the board of directors and the coaching staff would have already put together a list of ‘expendable’ players for Apertura 2021, which could go on sale, loan, or be used as a bargaining chip in future transfers and arrival of reinforcements.

According to the publication of the newspaper El Universal, the list of transferable is as follows: Alejandro Mayorga, Cristian Calderón, José Madueña, Fernando Beltrán, César Huerta, Michael Pérez, Antonio Briseño, Carlos Cisneros and Ronaldo Cisneros.

In addition to these footballers, the Rebaño forward, Ángel Zaldívar, could also be negotiated in the following summer.

Of the footballers listed as possible transferable, three of them would go to Rayos del Necaxa; Fernando Beltrán on loan, in addition to Chicote Calderón and Chino Huerta to pay the debt he has with the hicrocálidos.

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