Chivas falls precipitously in television ratings

The Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara are one of the most important teams in Mexican soccer and, therefore, one of the most popular and beloved within Liga MX, so it is not surprising that the Rebaño always has millions of fans behind of them to follow everywhere, however the year 2020 was different.

And it is that before the economic crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic is leaving, Chivas decided to sell its transmission rights to the Afizzizados channel, same that can only be seen on pay televisionTherefore, if the team’s fans wanted to watch the games, they only had the options of paying to see their team, either on said channel or on its Chivas TV platform.

This has affected Chivas fans a lot to see their team, since not many have pay TV and the options they have had is to use the internet to see their team. Thanks to this Chivas from being one of the most watched teams on television has become one of the least seen.

It must be made clear that these numbers are exclusively for television, Chivas occupies the 11th position of the 18 teams in Liga MX, on the other hand, the teams that continue to broadcast their games on open television occupy the first places.