Chivas: Edwin Hernández throws a hint at Guadalajara’s board of directors and surrenders to Jorge Vergara

Edwin “el Aris” Hernández, former Chivas del Guadalajara player, spoke about one of the most important moments of the documentary series of the Sacred Flock, when Jorge Vergara He went down to the locker room to give the squad a real scolding after a loss.

In an interview for “Gol y Puerta”, “El Aris” Hernández surrendered to the attitudes of Mr. Jorge Vergara (RIP), as he assured that he was always aware of his team, giving the players everything they needed to work.

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“My respects for Jorge, he was a very committed man; He supported the Mexican and asked us daily what we needed. They were always on the lookout for us. Little is seen because the scolding was stronger. A real shit. ”

The “Aris” Hernández also left a hint towards the new board of directors and the new owner for the moment that Chivas went through since the departure of Don Jorge, as he assured that many would no longer be in the team if it were like in the times of the old owner.

“That was a real owner and he was mad at losing. After his death there was a radical change in the Chivas. At present, they would have gone from technicians to nutritionists “

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