Chivas: Eduardo Torres spoke of his “competition” with Fernando Beltrán

Eduardo Torres placeholder image has become one of the trusted men of Victor Manuel Vucetich in this Clausura 2021, earning the title in Chivas del Guadalajara, above Fernando “el Nene” Beltrán.

At a press conference prior to the match against Cruz Azul, “Lalo” Torres talked about this competition with Beltran, ensuring that it makes him a better player, in addition to highlighting his relationship with “The Nene”, who has always supported him and constantly advises him.

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“Competition is something that motivates me, the relationship I have with him is very good, it has helped me, when he was the starter I supported him and now that it is my turn, he is supporting me, giving me advice, he has helped me Quite”

Torres also pointed out that, now as a starter, he has to respond within the field of play to the confidence that both the coach and the rest of the team give him, assuming his role in the mid-sector.

“It has earned me the confidence of the coach, the coaching staff and the team, I have to assume that role that leads to consolidation, being a starting player has helped me a lot, I have grown a lot both on and off the field.”

Finally, “Lalo” Torres also commented that it is a great support to be able to be in a team with so many experienced players, from whom he can be constantly learning to improve.

“I think it is a fortune to have such experienced players, who are always supporting you, transmitting a lot of confidence, that helps you to give your best.”

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