Chivas: David Faitelson destroys Guadalajara after the draw against Club Santos

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara continue to suffer from the negative results in the present Closing tournament 2021 of Liga MX, when they tied 1-1 against Santos Laguna in the action of matchday 13.

Faced with this situation, David Faitelson, the commentator and critic of ESPN, He was forceful with his words against the bad moment that the Sacred Herd is experiencing and being close to being without possibilities of advancing to the league by repechage.

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“I still do not understand Chivas'” double personality “. It is clear that he knows and can play better. The league is far, far away …”.

“The seventh draw in 12 games for Chivas does not serve him much. Good effort, great second half. The question is: Why the ‘heck’ did he waste the entire first half?” He wrote.

With this result, the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara will remain out of the repechage positions in the current Clausura 2021 tournament of the MX League, placing in position 15 with 13 units.

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