Chivas’ crack, José Juan Macías, will have a Mexican partner in Getafe, Giancarlo Merlo

Jose Juan Macías is close to becoming a player for Getafe in Spain, a team that has already had a Mexican in its ranks, the former defender of Chivas, Oswaldo Alanís, but currently has another Aztec legionary wearing its colors, since the azulón team has among its ranks the Giancarlo Merlo Ramírez, a 19-year-old winger born in Mexico City, but with Italian roots.

Although Merlo is not in the first team, Giancarlo would be a ‘link’ between Macías and his new present in Madrid, Spain, since the Mexican-Italian footballer has been a member of the lower team of the Azulón club for a while, trying to win a place in the first team.

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Merlo can play as a winger or winger on the left wing and is little known in the Mexican media because his training was in the United States soccer in the city of Texas, starting at age 5 and emigrating to the old continent to all 14.

Despite not living in Mexico since childhood, Merlo is proud to have Aztec ancestry, commenting that he periodically visits Mexico to see his mother’s family.

“I have an Italian family and I stayed with my father to send me there, to play soccer and study, fulfilling what my father wanted, to study and learn a new language,” said Giancarlo in an interview for Joven Futbolistas MX Oficial.

Merlo arrived in Spain at the age of 16, firstly as a possible Real Valladolid player, but finally his representative found him a place in Getafe at the request of the Madrid team’s sports director, who wanted to nurture the basic forces of the club.

He is currently a member of the Juvenil A team, where he aspires to have a greater projection and ‘fill’ the eye of coach Míchel González.

“It has been a difficult road but the sacrifices are worth it,” said the footballer.

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