Chivas: Carlos Salcido “approves” the project 70-30 of Guadalajara

Carlos Salcido, former player of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, spoke about the new project “70-30” that the Sacred Herd is preparing, in which they plan that, in the future, 70% of the first team will be made up of homegrown players.

In an interview for El Informador, Salcido declared that he fully supports this initiative, since in this way the first team will recover that identity that has been diluted in recent years. In addition to that he prefers to give homegrown players a chance instead of outside players who end up without working.

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“’It is the essence of this team, the truth regardless of whether the project gives immediate results or not, because football is like that, unpredictable, I consider that it is pointing to identity at work in the good sense of being exploring, taking out players for the first team “

Salcido also pointed out that this project would not only serve to nurture the first team, but could also help the institution financially with the sale of players to other Liga MX teams.

“Why not only think about nurturing Chivas, but also all the Liga MX teams? Why not. Everything can be done when you work well, and Chivas has everything, a structure and qualified personnel “

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