Chivas: Antonio Pérez sends a harsh message against players from the Flock, he wants them out

After the gray display of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara in the match against Santos Laguna that ended in a tie, the mexican pilot, Antonio Pérez, ranted against the soccer players of the squad of the Flock, ensuring that they do not know what it means to wear the colors of the Rojiblanco team, so many should leave the institution.

The Mexican pilot is a big fan of the Chivas del Guadalajara, and the messages he published on social networks are a reflection of what is happening with the Flock’s fans, who are upset by the little football that the rojiblancos have developed this season, where qualifying for the Repechage is increasingly difficult.

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“CHIVAS IS NOT FOR ANY PLAYER, GET OUT THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT,” Perez published in the first instance.

Once the tie was consummated, which left the flock stuck in position 15, the pilot launched a harsh criticism for the Chivas players, assuring that today they lack humility and sacrifice on the field of play, in addition to losing his time on social networks and other things outside the court.

I wish the days when chivas players were HUMBLE, they were PEOPLE, and they killed each other on the field. Today there is a lot of social networks, and MANY who feel like REGGAETONERS. Chivas is more than 11 players without HU3V05.

Who is Antonio Pérez?

Antonio Pérez Mendoza is a retired racing driver. Antonio is the brother of Sergio Pérez, Formula 1 driver and Club América fan.

Antonio was a NASCAR Series driver in Mexico and was the 2008 NASCAR Corona Series champion.

In 2017 he announced his retirement from the slopes.

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