Chivas: Antonio Briseño risked his marriage to play for Guadalajara

The documentary series of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, on Amazon Prime Video, has uncovered several secrets of the intimacy of the club and of some players, as was the case with Antonio “el Pollo” Briseño.

In one of the chapters, there is talk of the decline in “Tiba” Sepúlveda for the Classic Tapatío against the Atlas, where Briseño had to enter last minute. After that meeting, Alethia sada, wife of “Chicken” Briseño, she was ready to give birth the same day of the game against Rayados from Monterrey, so the defender had to make a difficult decision.

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“I mark my wife and tell my wife that I am going there, only that I had to return at 4,” How can I return at 4? “, I say” yes, I am going and I have to return. for the game “, he tells me” don’t even come, I don’t want to see you anymore “”

“He tells me,” if you ask for permission of course they will let you, “and I” is that I don’t want to ask for permission, if I play well against Monterrey I can stay as the starter. You know that I love you and I will be there, you calm down “

Briseño ended up staying for the match against the Rayados, which ended with a one-goal draw, and then literally ran to the hospital.

“In the truck I said” love, I’m going to get off, this game is for you and the girl “and he says” It is not possible that you have not understood yet. I do not know if one day I will understand you and I do not know if one day I will be able to forgive you “

In the end, “el Pollo” Briseño managed to arrive in time to see the birth of his second daughter, Antonella.

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