Chivas: Antonio Briseño presented an exam for Spanish citizenship

Antonio “el Pollo” Briseño, took advantage of his rest in the preseason of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara in the face of the Opening Tournament 2021 to process your Spanish citizenship.

Through their social networks, “El Pollo” Briseño shared part of his trip to the CDMX to go to the Spanish Embassy together with his wife, Alethia Sada, and their two daughters, Alessandra and Antonella.

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“Friends, we have finished taking the exam to be Spanish. It is an exam that is relatively easy, but you have to learn about 300 questions. We are going back to Guadalajara to train ”

In one of their stories, the “Pollo” Briseño declared that they carried out this procedure so that the two little girls could also have Spanish nationality.

What is needed to process Spanish nationality as a Mexican?

There are three ways to apply for Spanish nationality: Spanish nationality by blood link (being the son of Spanish parents), Nationality by residence (showing that you have lived two years in Spain) and Nationality by Sephardic origin (showing that ancestors belonged to Jews who they lived in Castile and Aragon).

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