Chivas: André Marín sentences the Flock, or they qualify for Repechage, or there will be ‘clean’

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara play this Sunday against him Santos Laguna de Torreón, the first of the six games remaining for the Flock to fulfill its schedule in the Clausura 2021 of Liga MX, in which they still have the Repechage, so the communicator of Fox Sports and the newspaper Marca, André Marín, He exhorted the rojiblancos footballers to achieve the goal.

In his video column for the daily Marca, André Marín did not beat around the bush and assured that against Santos Laguna the ‘Liguilla’ will start for Guadalajara, as the Flock has no margin of error and they are forced to win the three points to hope to get into the Repechage.

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The Chivas thing is worrying, because Guadalajara spent almost 50 million dollars on footballers, and that is hardly noticeable on the field. In the middle of the week I saw Vucetich, worried, dejected, and with all the experience and greatness that Victor’s career as a coach has, I see him as a man who is desperate because he finds no reaction from his players.

Marín stressed the tough schedule that awaits Chivas in the following commitments, ensuring that, in case they fail to qualify for the Repechage, drastic changes will come in the squad in the Flock.

“I know that Amaury Vergara is furious, he is losing patience, because he spent a lot of money and cannot find an answer in his investment, in addition, he knows about the greatness and what the Club Deportivo Guadalajara means.

In addition, André Marín assured that the positions of Víctor Manuel Vucetich and Ricardo Peláez would also be compromised if the Repechage is not qualified.

“If Chivas does not qualify for the Liguilla, there will be several players who will leave the institution, if Chivas does not qualify for the Liguilla, they will probably change coaches, if Chivas does not qualify for the Liguilla, Ricardo Peláez’s position is at risk.

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