Chivas: André Marín leaves José Juan Macías ‘reserved’ after his possible signing with Getafe

André Marín, journalist and presenter of Fox Sports, left a letter to the striker of the Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara José Juan Macías, after according to various information they affirmed that his transfer to Getafe from the Spanish League is practically closed and his dream of playing in football in Europe he will be able to make it happen.

In his comment for Marca Claro, Marín revealed that Macías will play with Getafe basically because Getafe’s coach is Míchel and that when he was in Liga MX with the Pumas, he was struck by the conditions of the Chivas forward.

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In addition, Marín indicated that it is “curious” that Macías is going to play in Europe at this point in his career, since he probably lives the lowest part of his football career, both in Chivas and the Mexican National Team.

“It’s funny why it happens perhaps at the worst moment of his career. He is not coming off a good season with Guadalajara, he lost confidence: there were games in which Vucetich did not consider him a starter and why he is doubtful for the Olympic Games. Marin pointed out.

“Have a great time. Have a nice day. That he breaks it in the football of Europe and shows all the conditions and all the good that JJ Macías has in the old continent. ”, He added.

In Liga MX, José Juan Macías played with Chivas and León, being in the La Fiera team where he has left the best sensations in Mexican soccer, since he scored 19 goals and gave 2 assists in 40 games.

For his part with Guadalajara ‘JJ’ Macías he played 75 games and scored 23 goals and gave 1 assist.

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